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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June's Luxe Box by Loose Button - s2!

I know I have an essay due tomorrow that I still need to work on, but I couldn't wait to show you all what I got in my June's Luxe Box. I was so excited because they were suppose to mail these boxes out next week and was going to be delayed do to the strike that Canada Post is currently on. However, they made exceptional plans to get us the boxes on time? But even better, then sent them out a week earlier! That's why I got it today s2. This is the first time ever that I waited until I got my box to see what I got instead of searching it on Youtube and spoiling my own surprise ^^. And let me tell you, the experience is totally different, you get tons more excited than watching it on Youtube!!.

I'm sure you all know what Luxe box is, if not then maybe refer back to my March or May Luxe Boxes? (click on the months)

Loose Button made a lot of chances/improvements to their services during last month and they finally launched their products to the public!! (meaning, no need to receive an invite from them in order to purchase the box, you can now just go on www.loosebutton.com and purchase their boxes at $12/month, $36/quarterly or $120/year. 

Also, remember how they messed up my last Luxe Box? They left out my chocolate AND they didn't upgrade me China Glaze polish to a full size! (people got upgraded for subscribing to their 3 month service, which I was one of them) and so I emailed them and great things comes after whining/complaining about it! =]... as a result, I got extra goodies in my June Box =]....YAY!!=]

Btw, sorry for the bad picture quality, my Mister took my camera with him to vacation so I won't be having it with me until be comes back, which is beginning of July =[. So webcam quality will do for now =]...

Ok let's move on to what I go this month...
- Dermalogica - Shaving Cream - 7ml, 0.24 fl oz. (deluxe samples), Full Size: $22
- Dermalogica - Daily Clean Scrub - 7ml, 0.24 fl oz. (deluxe samples), Full Size: $33
- Joico - Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil - 21.5ml, 0.7 oz. (deluxe samples), Full Size: $26
- Consonant Skincare - Organic Foaming Face Wash - 125 ml, 4 oz. (full size product), Full Size: $18
- Laura Mercier - Eye Colour in Coffee Ground - 0.10 oz., 2.8 g (full size product), Full Size: $22

Extra goodies to make up for my May's Box

- China Glaze Polish in Revolution (a red colour) - 9.6ml, 0.325 fl oz. (deluxe samples)
- 2 Swiss Dark Chocolate (but melted in the mail because its 30 degree here in Toronto!..I placed it in the fridge because I don't wanna waste any yummy chocolate!)
- A hand written note from Ray Cao (CEO) noting about the mistake in my May's Luxe Box =]

- (Left)  Dermalogica - Shaving Cream - 7ml, 0.24 fl oz.
- (Right) Dermalogica
- Daily Clean Scrub - 7ml, 0.24 fl oz.

- Joico - Colour Therapy Restorative Styling Oil - 21.5ml, 0.7 oz.

- Consonant Skincare - Organic Foaming Face Wash - 125 ml, 4 oz. (full size product)

- Laura Mercier - Eye Colour in Coffee Ground - 0.10 oz., 2.8 g (full size product)

- Laura Mercier - Eye Colour in Coffee Ground

The colour are washed out by the light and bad quality of the webcam
- Super pigmented matte dark brown, smooth and not chalky/no fall outs

- China Glaze Polish in Revolution (a red colour) - 9.6ml, 0.325 fl oz.

Overview of all the products, packaging and notes s2

I liked most of the prodcuts from my May's box but I LOVED the bar of soap from Consonant Skincare! I love how its 100% natural AND 100% organic and that big bar of soap only contains 4 ingredients! =O it's awesome, and leaves me skin feeling soft after each shower. However, I didn't like how the bar of soap melted so easily after touch water and I didn't like how it makes you skin feel super dry and squeaky clean while in the shower. But oh well, I still love how natural/organic it is and how it leaves my skin soft =]

I hated the Elizabeth Grant's anti-aging serum because it felt so sticky and took a long time to get absorbed so I just use it on my neck and back of my hands just so I don't waste anything =]

Soooooo...... did any of you purchase any Luxe Boxes?
If not, are you planning to? or did you see any products in the box that you wanted to try?
If yes, did you love/like/hate any products?

Let me know in the comment section! I would love to know some of your favourite products =]

I am super happy about this month's Luxe Box for getting two full sized products (Consonant and Laura Mercier) and other deluxe samples of things I've never tried before!!!! also loving their services of quick email replies/fb replies and personal touches (hand written notes/chocolates).
Alrighty, I hope you all are enjoying the lovely weather and the happy sun. I need to get back to working on my essay. Hope to talk to you all you guys real soon ^^

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Mimi said...

aaaaah, china glaze! i like that color! :D

p.s. join my $100 Shopbop giveaway! :D

<3, Mimi

Ansa said...

I love dermalogica. Great post. New follower xx

LittoMokaa said...

Ommgg you received your June luxe Box already!! I'm still waiting for mine haha :)

Nic Nic said...

thanks for the comment!

wow the Canada version looks impressive. - that loks like a good deal!

SeƱorita said...

Cool products!! I would love to try that shaving cream...


Lisa said...

i think your canadian version is a lot better then the US version!! i think you guys get better products!!! haha. i've been dying to try the dermological products but they're so pricey!!

suki pooki said...

Omg!!!! You got such great items in the box this month!!! Even though I never wear eyeshadow I still think it's a great deal for 12$!!!! Oh and I had no idea that they increased the price!! T_T Perhaps in about a year I'll just take the plunge and purchase a years worth ahaha since it's much more worth it that way and you save money PLUS you don't have to worry about ordering and paying each month =) But for now I have too many beauty products on my wishlist to make room for this =(

P.s I love shopbop!!! <3

Chococcuro said...

Wow that China Glaze colour is gorgeous!! I'm going t ohave to put that on my shopping list!! Your nails look so amazing btw - how do you get them so perfect?!

Kimberly Ann said...

hey! Have you heard of glymm? I saw it on fb!

ThisIsAlx said...

Hey Kimberly, yep I heard of glymm.. Sounds exactly like birchbox in terms of the ...being able to go on glymm.com to purchase the full size item n to be able to get points back that can be used towards future purchases... But they haven't launched it yet soo I'm still waiting on them to send us all emails because I would love to try it tooo!!!!..I joined their mailing list n fb :).. I love samples

Anonymous said...

This is my first Luxe Box...

Edwina said...

Hey there, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) My Consonant face wash is 50ml (not the full sized one)! And I didn't get the china glaze polish either :( Seems like u got some extra stuff cause they messed up your last order? Hopefully that's the reason and it's not cause they messed up mine :S But you're one lucky girl this month! heehee

TaYgAn said...

I really wanna try the Consonant Skincare foam cleanser it looks great!
lol you spoiled your box! Its hard not to peak at the youtube videos!

Anonymous said...

This genuinely answered my issue, thank you!

Anonymous said...

thanks admin.