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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Convertible Bangs? I don't know, you tell me...

Sorry I haven't been too active on blogger for the past week, I got caught up with too much school work and it's still not over yet because midterms and assignments are coming up too, so I apologize if I haven't been able to keep up with you girls =]. By I wanted to post this up asap and hopefully more post will come in the near future =]

SOOOOOOO.....My bangs has gotten super long to the point that they aren't bangs anymore so it was time to trim it myself again and I always wanted to try straight bangs but I never got the guts to get them because I'm a very simple and plain girl and never liked to change my style too often or too much of a change and straight bangs are already so different for me. So this time I cut myself a 2-in-1 bangs =]; straight bangs and side swept bangs. Just incase I dodn't like my straight bangs then I don't have to wait for my hair to grow back, instead I can instantly part my hair differently to convert my straight bangs to side swept bangs. This is also a great way to change up the style of your hair =]

Things I used: a comb, hair straightener, and scissors used for cutting hair only (but I left my scissors at my Mister's place so I used eyebrow scissors LOL.. yesssss the super smalllll scissors people use to trim their eyebrows with LOL they weren't sharp either so it took me a while to get my bangs how I wanted them.

How I did it in brief: I parted my hair in a semi circle (just like ahanh in the video below) to get them ready for a cut and the straighten them then cut my bangs like usual into a side swept bang  (here's a video on how to cut side swept bangs by ahanhbarbie34). Then I parted my bangs in half using only the front half to achieve my front bangs.

Okey dokey time to see some pictures!!! Let me know how I look with straight bangs and which style bangs do you think fits me more? I love both but I personally prefer the side swept bangs more than straight bangs because its easier to maintain it and maybe because I'm not used to my straight bangs yet . Straight bangs also pokes me in the eye ><(maybe I need to cut them shorter?). But anyway, this is still a nice way to try something new without compromising too much of my original side swept bangs, I can just alternate between the two styles when I feel like it =]. Btw, people said I look younger and cuter and some people even hated it LOL... let me know what you think, I won't get offended if you hate it as well lol =P or do you like my first picture with no bangs more?

A few weeks ago with out grown bangs

My new side swept bangs =], with my hair tied in a bun

With my hair out of the bun, natural messy waves?

Second option: straight bangs with my hair in a bun again

With my hair out of the bun again and I defined the curls with my hands

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... what do you think??? side swept bangs?, straight bangs?, in a bun?, curled?, straight?

Do you like my 2-in-1 bangs? =D and did I tell you this saves me money AND time because I don't have to go to the salon to get it done nor I have to wait a LONG time for my bangs to grow out before I can change the style? Yay!! =]


Jessy said...

my favorite is side swept bangs with a bun~~~it is soooo cute~~~i like~~~i wanna get a hair cute too, but i still dont know wt i wanna do with my hair, so right now i just leave it be~~~


Jessy said...

lol ya the program is fun...one of my frd in china told me about it cuz i was complaining on chinese version of facebook that i dont know how to photoshop~~~and ya you can totally replace sticker booth with this~~~ i dont like the new sticker booth thats around for past couple years. I like the old one opened by the Krn couple, those are imported japanese/krn machine, the current one is crappy chinese knock off...lol hope i dont come off sounding like a B#tch...lol


Maryam Maquillage said...

sooooooo cute!!! I should've waited till i read this post to cut m bangs--could've saved a few bucks :)) looks great!

mizzsandychau said...

i love the side swept bangs! i always tried to do it but i always ruin it

Huda Kaake said...

Your hair is super pretty! I'm just loving this look. It looks good both ways, but you really know how to rock that style :) I wish I had your hair lol Personally, I love side bangs, though. Great post!


Huda Kaake said...

Thanks so much for returning the comment! You're so sweet and thoughtful :) I'm following you now <3

Jessy said...

lol i know right??? i took a bunch of stickerphotos with the hubby when i was HK last summer on imported japanese machines the quality is sooooo good~~~~but ya the program let you do anyth i thought it was sooo kool~~~i was making stupid GIF pictures and keep sending them to the hubby last nite~~~lol

and ya you have to watch Fast Five it is soooooo good, i wanna watch hang over part 2 and X-men First class~~~they look sooo good~~~~


Venus In Virgo said...

The curls and the sideswept style is stunning! i wish my hair was as smooth as yours, it's a hot frizz mess. XOXO

Mimi said...

i looooove your side swept bangs! :D

p.s. when hero played, i was like: aaaaahh, i looooove that song! :D

<3, Mimi

Lisa said...

Eek! I love your side swept bangs especially with the bun you are too pretty for hair to be covering your face!!! Hehe

mizzsandychau said...

yesss cherry culture's shipp is super expensive! but my friend just so happened to be coming to canada so i had it shipped to the US since they had free shipping and she brought it over to me. i got lucky, or else i would have really considered not buying it. Shipping rates are always so bad :(

suki pooki said...

I think the 2-in-1 bang idea is awesome! I tried doing that once too when my bangs got long but it just didn't work out for me =P Personally I think you look great with the side bangs! I also love the natural curls in your hair!

In response to your comment on guu: Yes! Guu is super busy on weekends and weeknights so I usually try to go on a week day or for an early dinner =) Each plate is around 5-9$ depending on what you order, they come in small plates so I love how you can order a bunch of things to eat/try! Sadly we don't have a Diana's Seafood here, though it does sound delicious! We seriously need a good, affordable seafood place!

Haze said...

Wow, what a great idea! I personally like the side swept bangs on you too. You look really young with straight bangs. I had straight bangs once upon a time and it is so high maintenance. I had to straighten each time other wise it looks like a mess.


Pop Champagne said...

wow you cut your own hair, thats so gutsy and you did a great job! I like the side bangs, but the front bang is cute too, more vibrant and youthful. side bangs is more like mature and "pretty" I think, they both have their time!

and I'm following you now too :D

Tiffo said...

Oh don't you look pretty! (: Hmm, all of them look great but the one with your side swept bangs and hair in a bun looks best in my opinion. I've tried the look with full bangs but sadly it didn't look too great on me. Haha good job on the DIY & kudos to saving money! :D

Nat said...

Wow you look so pretty!! You have nice big eyes. And you look great with all sorts of bangs. I sometimes want bangs (I've had it before) but I don't think I have the ability to cut it right. I'm paranoid with having crappy looking bangs. But I think it's a waste to go pay to go get your bangs cut only.

Tala said...

I think you look very pretty with side swept bangs :-)
Thanks for commenting on my post btw!

wickeRmoss said...

i love the fisrt pic! super simple yet so pretty love!

songbird said...

good job...just don't use the eyebrow trimmer again haha!!you look cute...
diy till i die(or something close to that)