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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shiny nails without the harsh chemicals!!

I have decided to make a post on something that I am currently in loveeee with and that is the Beautifying Nail Kit by Dead Sea Premier. This company is not too well known but their products are awesome, they carry a wide variety of skincare and natural spa products which has ingredients derived from the Dead Sea. Their line of products can do serious damage to your wallets but then I think it is totally worth it. You can visit their websites for more information on the company’s background and their products. Main Website: http://www.premier-deadsea.com/ and for the actual Canadian shopping site you will have to click this one instead http://www.premierspaboutique.com/product_p/n11.htm.

This is the packaging
This slides out of the packaging and it comes with (from left to right) a buffing block, hand/body cream, nail file, and cuticle oil

The nail kit that I have is in "herbal", which to me does not smell like any kind of herd out there but more like baby powder lol. The nail kit comes with a 4-sided buffing block, 125ml hand and body cream in “herbal”, a nail filer and 20ml cuticle therapy oil. First of all the main thing that gives you perfectly shiny nails is the buffing block, you can’t get the same result with the ones you find at a drugstore for a few buck. Although the drugstore buffing block can make your nails a little bit shiny at first but it will NOT make the shine last for 2-3 weeks like this kit does!!!! an added bonus isssssss that the buffing block has a LIFETIME warranty!!! just exchange your old one for a new one either by visiting them at their booth in a mall or probably by sending it back through mail but this I'm not too if the mailing option is accepted. The second most important thing from this kit is the cuticle oil, this will make your shine last longer extending it to merely 3 weeks. Although this is obvious I still have to note that when I say the shine can last 3 weeks, you have to keep in mind that at week 2-3 the shine level will not be the same as day 1 but still better then before you buffed your nails…Next is the nail file, this file is thick, harsh and durable, you need to file your nails with a light hand because this file is so efficient that it can literally take a chunk off your nail with a few move, so be careful!! Finally, it's the hand/body cream, it has a very thick consistency and it is very moisturizing but it does not look oily nor it is sticky after it absorbs in a few seconds.

here's the process of beautifying my nails =]...

My initial disgusting nail of different lengths because I'd always chipped them =[

This is what it looks like after buffing for 5 seconds on the blue side of the block to resurface and get rid of your ridges

After using the gray side to smooth away the excess nail dust and to further smooth the nail's surface

This is how shiny it looks after the final step on the buffing block (white side). Doesn't it look like have a clear coat of nail polish? Trust me it's a lot shinier in real life i just have a crappy camera lol

This is the final thing with added cuticle oil  =]

I love this nail kit because it gives my nail a healthy, natural look nails that are super shiny and smooth rather than dull and rough like it used to be. I bought this set at a booth located inside
Toronto’s Scarborough Town Centre Shopping Mall for approximately $45 tax included. This was a great deal that my friend and I got because it was basically buy two for $90 but if you can see in their website the exact same nail kit is worth $59.98 plus tax and plus approximately $14 shipping to my area which adds up to be around $80 for one kit!!. Plus you can always bargain for more discounts at a booth and never online but unfortunately my friend and I were not skilled in that field but we did get a sample of a face mask and also a few eye cream samples!!! Plus a KitKat chocolate bar!! LMAO. That’s why if you see a booth at a nearby shopping mall make sure to try it out yourself to see the effect in real life before buying it. I know you guys will love it for sure!! Only a simple 3-step buffering system with their buffing block then adding a tiny bit of cuticle oil (optional although I think this is the step that makes the shine last an extra week) to make it super shiny without using any kind of chemicals like nail polish then use nail polish remover to remove the paint, this process can really damage your nails and turn them yellow!!

Eye Cream and face mask sample size, the size is comparable to a teaspoon


Anonymous said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this set you paid $45-$90 for?.. they're all the same whether they're $1.99 or $99.95.

It's called marketing and typically the prettiest packages win in this game. :)

ThisIsAlx said...

Thank you for your comment, I do believe it's all about packaging...the better/nicer it is the more expensive....but the quality differs... I know I can get similar results with a cheaper set because I did see a booth long time before I bought this that was sold for $20 only...but that mall was too far from my house and I knew I wouldn't be shopping there anytime soon so I got sucked in when I saw this dead sea version at a mall closer to my home even tho it's double the price. But I think it's worth it because the main item of the kit (buffer) has a life time guarantee =]

SeasonedMom said...

Hey some guy at the mall kept trying to sell me this too. I looked at the ingredients and headed to my local beauty store. 1 4way buffer and Vitamin E cuticle and nail oil ran me less than $10! The guy was like I will give you 3 boxes for $120 then he went down to 2 boxes for $60 and finally 1 box for $20. I still didn't buy lol. Love the results either way though.