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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lisa's Cosmetic Warehouse

So I don't know if you guys have heard about this warehouse called Lisa's Cosmetic but this is a warehouse that is currently happening in Markham at 1380 Rodick Road Suite 110 (Rear entrance). They carry products for both men and women so feel free to drag your other half with you. Lisa’s Cosmetic mainly have fragrances, skin care and cosmetic products but they also have purses, hair product, and much more. They have been opened for the 2 past weekends already (Nov 20-23, 26-29 and Dec 3-6) SO that means you guys still have a chance to go this coming up Friday to Monday Dec 3-6, 2010. Here’s the link to their online flyer and their website (http://lisascosmetics.com/htmlsite/flyer.htm) for any additional information that you guys may be looking for. You can check their brand selection in their website but just to name a few they have Elizabeth Arden, Red Earth, Annabelle, Marcelle and their new line this year is SMASHBOX cosmetics. This is why I’m so excited because Smashbox products are found at Lisa’s cosmetic at a very low price. I went this past Friday just before they closed so I didn’t have much time to pick the things I wanted I had like 15 min in the Smashbox section and I only bought one Smashbox powder foundation plus a few other things from other sections. I am planning to go back this weekend to grab some more gift sets for myself as well as for potential Christmas gifts? We’ll see whether I get too greedy and decides to keep everything to myself ;).

This is what I only got from the warehouse and the total was around $20!! not bad  right? I also bought some cologne but I didn't take a picture of them. They are not included in the $20 total lol

What I bought....

Smashbox -Function 5 self adjusting powder foundation in M3-M4(Medium) which is TOO DARK for me =[. I was once matched with L4 (Light) which I think its too light because it didn't match my neck so I think I should of bought M1-M2 instead but oh well I can always use this foundation as a bronzer or use it in the summer time when I'm darker. This was $11.50 + tax Canadian dollar.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in 1, fight and fade gel for $4.99 or maybe it was $3.99 I forgot. I haven't tried this on any acne nor scars to notice whether this works but I do notice a strong alcohol scent to it which I don't like but I hope it works lol. Let me know if you guys have tried it and whether it worked for you or not =].

Goody- So Smart hair brush for minimizing fly away making your hair shinier while giving your hair volume I think i got this for $1.99 or maybe it was $2.99 I forgot sorry!!

NYC-Brow filler kit, it comes with a wax, powder in black, an angled mini brush and a mini tweezer for only $0.99!. The colour turned out quiet sheer which I like because the eye brow pencil that I have now is way too dark!

NYC- eyeliner pencil in black and white a set of 2 for only $0.99 as well. They go on pretty smoothly and pigmented plus it's only 50 cents per pencil...so I'm very happy with that!

Ok I feel this is post is getting too long again so I will end this with some swatches of all the products minus the brush duh! lol and I'll show you guys what the foundation looks like inside. BTW, I love the package of the foundation it almost feed like velvet or like leather-ly or like cotton lol I don't know how to describe it!!

From left to right, eye brow powder, eye brow powder with wax (it's lighter, weird), white eye liner, black eye liner, that space is where the foundation is!!!!!! it looks flawless! then a tiny dollop of the acne gel, it is super thick because it's not running down my hands but it applies smoothlyyyy

Love the packaging!!

nice but too dark =[

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