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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm always sitting at the very back of the lecture hall!

A long wordy post again....... blah!

There are so many friends and classmates that ask why I'm always sitting in the back of the lecture hall and my answers correspond to what I experience at my school only and it also depends on self likings, type of classmates, architectures and designs of my school etc… You’ll know what I mean in a moment. Lecture halls in my school are medium in size, it can probably fits around 200-300 people? I’m not too sure but the rooms aren’t THAT big. Reasons provided below do not apply to large lecture halls because sitting in the back has way more disadvantages then advantages.

Here are some reasons why most of the time you’ll see me sitting at the very last row …

First of all in the back you have the entire view of the lecture hall, this is most important during the first couple weeks of school because you get to see whether or not your acquaintances or friends are in your class!!... I can practice my spying skills muahahah ok I’m just kidding!

Second of all you get to eat in class without having the professor stare you down during the entire lecture plus aside from that I don’t like anyone in class starring at me while I eat that’s just rude. But some ask why don’t you eat before u come to class or in your break? And I say I don’t have any breaks!!, I try to squeeze all the courses that I need, ideally all stuffed in 2 to 3 days of school per week and often time that just means there is no break in between not even to use the ladies washroom!.

Sitting in the back is great to avoid annoying people sitting behind you with their rotting shoes up on the back on MY chair! Just like people are in movie theatres, this is also why I dislike watching movies at a movie theatre

You can also avoid having splashed eraser bits as your hair accessories by the end of a lecture

You can also avoid having people kicking your chair or winter jackets that are hanging on the chair!

You can leave you class whenever without disrupting others

The best reason why I always sit in the very back row is because there are plenty of room so you never have to shuffle your chair to let someone who’s late for class walk by which totally ticks me off because I’m trying to concentrate here and little movements already interrupts me like crazy let alone shuffling chairs!! Lol

Potential disadvantages for sitting in the back…

You might not be able to hear your professor clearly although most of mine uses a mic.

You might not be able to see what it is written on the blackboard although I barely have any courses that teaches on the blackboard.


victoriaip said...

I can comment with my Wordpress on blogspot apparently, how cool is that :P

Your advantages are so funny but I totally agree with the eraser bits :P I find job flicking my eraser bits at the person in front of me during exams AHAAHAH! It's like playing soccer with yourself! AND I LOVE TO EAT IN CLASS! I'll love to have a picnic with a bunch of friends in the middle of class. HINTHINT! ;)


Jenny said...

hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I like to sit in the back of the class too. Interesting reasons you have missy

Jenny said...

I don't know how to msg u.so I'm leaving you a note here. Does it work now?

ThisIsAlx said...

Vickie yeaa i miss our class since its over now =[ rmb how i tried sitting at the very end when i had my noodle even tho all of u guys were in the middle of the class!?!? lol a perfect example of this post i want my privacy at the back haha

Pooh!! im gladd u like sitting in the back as well ^^and yes i can see ur blog now =] let me visit u right nowww =]