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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Collective Haul/Review: Paula's Choice ( For those who are struggling wiht acne)

I mentioned in my previous post how much I love receiving packages in the mail right? Well, here's another  collective haul for the past 3 months (everything is from Paula's Choice). I bought these all myself with my own earned money except for the tons of samples that I received from Paula's Choice.


Let me start with what I got from Paula's Choice by Paula Begoun (She's also the author of the book "Don't Go To The Cosmetic Counter Without Me". If you want a for a free online version of this book check this link www.beautypedia.com, here she talks about almost all the products found in the market ranging from drugstore to department store brands and this includes makeup, skincare, hair and body products. She reviews the ingredients in each product to confirm whether or not the really bring benefits to your skin like these products markets themselves as. This is my all time favourite resource to find the best skin care products in the market.

Ok, so a few months ago I started breaking out a heck lot (hence all the scars you see in my previous post). I started researching products here--> www.beautypedia.com to find the best products I can get in the market but it took way too much work and time and still couldn't find the ones that I liked so I gave in and just ordered from Paula instead because her site is well organized for every skin type and different skin issues!!

For these past 3-months I've ordered all these....

Some of the samples I got back in February, already made a blog post about this a few months ago =]

I saw a huge improvement after I tried the CLEAR Anti-Acne System for a few days just by using these samples so I went ahead and got the full sized items X2 (one set for my mom's house and one set for my Mister's place)........

All the ordered comes in a box like this

I have dry and acne prone skin with hyper pigmentation and redness around my nose
I bought...
- 2 CLEAR Normalizing Cleanser
- 2 CLEAR Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner
- 1 CLEAR Acne Fighting Treatment 
- 1 Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream
- 1 Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA
- 1 sample of foundation in the shade Sand way too light/ashy for me and it leaked while shipping it to me =[
- 1 free pack of Oil Blotting Papers came with the CLEAR system pack
- 3 free sample of Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol (3 free samples with every order)

I tried the CLEAR system for a month, it helped a lot with my dull skin and my acne. I wasn't breaking out as much but I still broke out sometimes so I talked to one of their staff through the "live chat" on their website (www.paulaschoice.com) and they were so nice to send me more samples of the CLEAR Extra Strength line which contains more salicilic and benzoyl peroxide. But I haven't tried it yet because by the time these samples arrived to me in a week, I was already a lot better. I wasn't breaking out anymore, I just had scars. Btw, I scar super easily even from mosquito bites and they don't ever leave until months after! Anyways, I will try the higher dosage toner and treatment lotion soon and if there is any change I will update you guys =]

These are the extra samples they sent me....

Top: CLEAR Extra Strength Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner
Bottom: CLEAR Extra Strength Acne Fighting Treatment

Paula's Choice always has some sort of deals, sales and promotions on www.paulaschoice.com each month. PLUS an extra Free Shipping Code in their www.beautypedia.com. Last month they had 20% off all exfoliants and I just had to pick up 4 extra CLEAR regular strength toner because this is the most important part of my skin care regimen.

This time I bought...
- 4 CLEAR Regular Strength Toner
- 3 Sheer Cream Lipstick SPF 15 samples (left to right: invisible, nude illusion and sherbet)
- 3 free samples with every purchase (left to right: RESIST Remarkable Skin Lightening Lotion-7% AHA, RESIST Clearly Remarkable Skin Lightening Gel-2% BHA and Extra Care Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30+ with antioxidants) omg LONGGGGGGGG namess!!>.<

Cute samples: a plastic tube dipped in lipstick so this won't last long

Swatches: Invisible, Nude Illusion and Sherbet

Same swatches but with flash photography

3 samples with every order



CLEAR Normalizing Cleanser
- $10.95 for 6 oz

- Bottle is sealed
- Gentle, water soluble cleanser
- Removes makeup, even waterproof but requires 2 washes unless you use a cloth/silicone cleansing pads/facial brush

- Does not foam, great for sensitive skin
- Does not leave skin dry after each wash
- Clear gel-like consistency with no scent/fragrance
- First step to killing bacteria that causes breakouts
- Definitely recommend this

CLEAR Regular Strength Targeted Acne Relief Exfoliating Toner Review (omg long name!):

- $18.95 for 4 fl. oz.
- Bottle is sealed
- This removes dull and dead skin and any left over makeup that the cleanser did not wash off
- Leaves my skin moisturized and smooth
- Feels like water
- Didn't have any scent/fragrance
- Didn't sting in anyways
- Didn't dry my skin at all
- Second step to clearing up acne prone skin
- Definitely recommend this

CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Fighting Treatment
-  $16.95 for 2.25 fl oz.
- Sealed squeeze tip
- Light weight lotion consistency
- No scent/fragrance
- Only need a little bit of this for the entire face
- Not sticky, not drying
- Great for spot treating or applied all over face before applying moisturizer

- Recommend this or the Clinique Acne Solution Clearing Moisturizer

Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream- $18.95 for 2 fl oz.
- Sealed squeeze tip
- Non-greasy, but it takes a longer time to absorb
- Diminish flaking skin almost instantly
- Leaves your skin looking moisturized and looking dewy/with a sheen
- No scent/fragrance
- Only need a little for the entire face
- Definitely recommend this

Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol
- $24.95 for 1 oz.
- Best serum ever!
- It comes out like oil
so you need the smallest amount for your entire face
- It starts off making your face oily but literraly after 15 seconds it gets absorbed completely into your skin
- Skin looks and feel younger, healthier, smoother, more radiant, moisturized and tighter :)
- The next morning after using this, I saw my acne scars peel so it helped speed up the healing process of my acne scars
- Speeds up the recovery of your skin and the renewal of your skin cells
- Can be used as a foundation base/primer

- Love this so much! and the price is very reasonable for their quality!
-I only had the 3 samples but I will definitely repurchase this when I see a better promotion/deal on her site!! This is a MUST buy

Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA
- $22.95 for 7 oz.
- Targeted to exfoliate body specially bumps found on the back of the arms also know as keratosis pilarus and also targeted for acne found in the body
- This product didn't work for me at all, I expect this to work instantly almost all the other products I've tried from Paula but this didn't improve my bumps one bit and it didn't help with my ingrown hair either =[
- Light lotion consistency
- Does not moisturize enough (need to apply body lotion after this which is why I don't use this everyday because I get lazy)
- No scent/fragrance
- Has a weird smell from the chemical itself, also smells a little like alcohol ><
- I don't recommend this

"Invisible" is almost like a lipbalm/lipgloss in a lipstick packaging
"Nude Illusion" and "Sherbet" looks very similar to me in real life just that sherbet is darker and has a brown undertone

Sheer Cream Lipstick SPF 15
- $10.95 each, the samples were only 60 cents
- Super smooth formula
- Very pigmented
- Shimmery finish
- Provides enough sun protection
- Didn't like the colours found in this collection
- Small variety of colours available
- Colours found in her site do not match what you get in real life
-Hard to wash off, need to actually rub a little longer with her CLEAR cleanser (I didn't use makeup remover before hand)
- Colour "Sherbet" has leftover shimmers on my lips after whipping it with a tissue
- I would recommend the invisible one to use as a clear lip gloss since it is so shiny/shimmery and has sun protection, the other two colours are okay, I don't hate it but I wouldn't buy the full size of those

Oil Blotting Papers
- This came in the CLEAR system set for free but sold individually at $6.95 for 100 papers
- Works well, but I can't give an accurate review since I don't usually use blotting papers (I have dry skin!)
- But these sheets seems bigger than others
- Thinner than others
- No colours or fragrance added


Overall, loving the CLEAR system from Paula's Choice, it seriously helped me get rid off all my acne and preventing them for reappearing in just one month!. You will see a decrease in redness and inflammation after one use only! and gets a lot better in one week and completely gets rid off all acne in one month!!

I think I also need to give credits to her moisturizer because it didn't irritate my skin like my previous moisturizers. Will be purchasing her serum to speed up the healing of my scars. Love her reasonable prices for the quality of her products. The only thing I don't like about her brand is that the packaging isn't attractive but I guess less money going into packaging means more money going in to the high quality of the product itself? I also dislike her colour selections for her foundations. I wasn't able to find something suitable for my skin colour (NC30-NC35 in MAC).

Ok, I think that's all I've tried. Sorry if this was super long and boring but I wanted to get this out asap because I know a lot of people suffer from acne or just imperfect skin (let it be oily skin, acne-prone skin, dry/flaky skin, blackhead/white heads, indented scars, hyper pigmentation, sensitive skin, age spot, eczema, rosacea and dull or inflamed skin). I'm sure you will find something for your skin type concern from Paula. If you don't know what products to buy or to sample, you can always ask the staff working on their Live Chat. They will suggest some products and you can actually request samples sent to your house for free before buying full sizes so why not give this a try!

Thank you all for reading this long and boring blog post but I really hope this helps those who needs improvements in their skin condition and you have nothing to loose by just trying out some samples for free since her products work almost instantly so you don't have to try long before you love it! I was so glad I came across her (Paula Begoun) and this brand on CNN, The View and in The Dr. Oz show or else I don't think I will ever get rid of my acne!! 



the.red.bow. said...

You crazy girl, you never stop buying beauty products!! I totally caved in and finally got a subscription of the Luxe Box, it's all your fault XD!!

Maryam Maquillage said...

wow that is quite a haul!!! i'm kind of intrigued by the acne products... :)))

Haze said...

I suffer from acne as well sadly. Tried just about anything except for Accutane. I would like to see your update on this products after a couple of months because I find that sometimes when you use a product fo,r a while it tend to not work anymore. Anyways great post!! PS. Still waiting for my Luxe invite :(


ThisIsAlx said...

yea i bought soo much but a lot were just free samples too!! =] I think i oly spent around $150 total.. $200 max over the last 3 months... not too bad when I found products that I love and that worked for me =]...

super excited for my June luxe box!!

Haze said...

I ended up signing up for it. I wanted to try it at least once anyways, since I love receiving items in the mail :)

Thanks for letting me know. I would have waited forever!


breakingrumours said...

i dont think this is available for those outside of usa :( sadddd. and yup i will be furthering my studies in the states next year,hopefully. transferring to either iowa,minnesota,indiana or nebraska. :D can't wait to see your pic with bangs! ;)i was too scared that bio oil will cause breakout but it worked XD

Irene (Couture-Petite.com) said...

Wow you have so many reviews! thanks for posting :)

Venus In Virgo said...

Fabulous review! Thanks for sharing this with us. XOXO

Mimi said...

wow, that's a lot of samples! and a loooot of products! :D

<3, Mimi

Jessy said...

i think your Elf false lashes are fine as long as you clean then after you wear them but then again they are 1 dollar, but with false lashes you really like, try to clean up the glue by use warm water and if your mascara is not waterproof try to clean up left over of them from your lashes too, that way they last alot longer


mizzsandychau said...

so much samples!!!! i love samples!!! i want me some samples!!!

I just got back from a late meeting, i had to drive in the heavy rain and thunder!!!! super scary!

mizzsandychau said...

i really like your review, i want to try everything you've tried. I need a really good cleanser and moisturizer and serum since i've been breaking out a lot lately and i also scar very easy and have tonssss :(

Lisa said...

ohh so many free samples!!! love freebies hahaha.. great face product reviews :)

Venus In Virgo said...

Just showing some love XOXO

breakingrumours said...

thanks for the heads up! :D I was considering Canada but its so cold lol. I'll be doing finance and maybe management but im not sure yet,still in my 2nd year XD doing all those boring electives. junk foods lol are very dangerous yet i can't resist!

mimi said...

woww~ this is a huge haul!!~ I love extra samples! I have acne problems on my cheeks sometimes~ >< this brand looks pretty promising!

Venus In Virgo said...

You don't celebrate Memorial Day but Happy Weekend all the same! XOXO

Nat said...

Well I'm glad that you have your current bf now; the other guy didn't deserve you anyway :)

I hate it when my skin breaks out! It's great you found a products that work for your skin. You bought so much haha!

Jessy said...

lol when i get the Gilly Hicks stuff i'll be sure to post up smth about it~~~lol
and ya i know its sooo anooying that i cant see my blogger follower...i mean does it mean other ppl cant it either??? that means they can follow~~~lol so super annoying...


Pop Champagne said...

ooh the alcohol smell for the weightless body isn't good! -_- but other stuff sounds better, thanks for this detailed review!

Tiffo said...

Aww, that's great you've found a solution that works for you! Though I don't have it too bad, I know it's really hard to find specific products suited just for your skin.

Btw, I've given you an award. (: Congrats!

✪♜I.B.G.♜✪ said...

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Penelope said...

Wow, such a great in depth post and reviews. I've not tried this brand before but the Clear system sounds really good!

JC ♔ said...

Thank you for your honest review. I recently saw another blogger talk about her haul from the same company as well (still waiting on reviews, however) but this is amazing. I've recently gotten into skincare so this is perfect because I do have acne prone skin.

Btw I love your blog and am an instant follower haha.


Jessy said...

lol your tooo funny~~~if the server ate my seafood pancake id kick his ass, i luv my seafood pancake~~~and ya i share your passion for korean food~~~they are just the best~~~~and ya i totally get see other blogger blog about food then start getting hungry, thats like me 1 in t he morning~~~lol


jenwoonani said...

This post was very informative & helpful. I've been thinking about switching to a new skin care system. <3

BTW-- I'll definitely post a few ways to wear that blue scarf! :0) Thank you for the idea, my dear!

Venus In Virgo said...

Hey, no worries. Post when you can :) I love the questions you asked the pro's XOXO

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog randomly online :) Great review on Paula's Choice products, I just ordered something from her too. Very excited, especially after reading your review.