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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Neutral Eyes...Naked? or not?

Bare with me, I'm not a professional make-up artist, in fact this is probably my third time using shadows =O.....so you might think "what the heck is this girl doing!!" ..but I just wanna share my look because my friend and I were and still is so obsessed with the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. She got the palette along with many of my other friends which is super tempting GRRRRr..... soo here we go, please don't laugh at my bad skills I will improve over time I hope LOL

(only have concealer and powder foundation on)
(Eyes/eyebrows done still need blush/lippies)


Ok so the next pictures will show you the before and after in close up.. ENJOY! =]

Let me know what you guys think =].....Should I give in and get the Naked Palette if it is in stock?  (Can't believe that palette sold out twice and this is the third time it is back in stock!!!! Get it while it's still in stock for those who realllllly reallly reallllllly want it =]  

Btw, should I trim my bangs? or should I grow them out and not have bangs?

I used these products....

You can skip this part unless you want a description on how I did my eyes =] I used my ELF eyelid primer before applying eye shadows then I used NYX's Jumbo pencil in Milk (matte white used for highlighting underneath my eyebrows and inner corner of eye) then I used Lancome's Color Design sample palette (all the colours except the red). Colours include Walf (nude colour used all over lids), Filigree (shimmery gold use on 2/3 of the lid and lined 1/3 of the bottom lash line) and Couture (matte brown used on the crease). Also used a darker brown in my ELF encyclopedia Basic Eye Edition shown below on the other V and crease area as well as lightly line my outer 2/3 of the bottom lashes. Then, I used my Shiseido Creamy Eye Shadow Duo in C6 called Iced Moss (I only used the black to line my upper lashes). I just curled my lashed then applied my free physicians' Organic Wear mascara in Black. I also lined my lower waterline in white with NYC but that pencil doesn't work!! LOL so the white wasn't showing much.

ELF Encyclopedia: Basic Eye Edition
Used this matte dark brown shadow.



breakingrumours said...

you look good !:D hi from Malaysia.

the.red.bow. said...

LOL OMG I was soooo planning a "neutral make up for alx" blog post to coax you into getting the palette already...b/c the shadows are soooo you it's not even funny LOL.

ThisIsAlx said...

Thank you heartbreaker! I need to practice tho my skills stinks.. Actually wat skills? I've ot none yet LOL ><....

Dee!!!!!! No way realllllly??? Great mind think alike!!!! I really wanna get itttttt BUT I've stopped wearing a lot of makeup this month to let my skin breathe n let my acne scar heal n when they all disappear SOON I hope .. then I won't wear makeup at alll....however if the sell it at shoppers n I can get my friend to get it fir me then I'll get it if ot then I'm still dealing I've kinda of spent a lotttttttt of money recently.....bought so much ytd at the mall n lots of online stuff n tuition n glasses T_T

Tiffo said...

Aww this looks great! You're a very pretty girl. (: I would really love the naked palette too but this elf encyclopedia seems to work wonderful as well.
Thanks for following!

Maryam Maquillage said...

beautiful before and after! love your blog, thanks for checking out mine :))) oxox


ThisIsAlx said...

@heartbreaker: sorry my reply got deleted because blogger was down a few days ago hehe but thank!!!

@tiffo: aww thank you I wish I was pretty without makeup lol... yea ELF is soo much affordable too but the pigmentation on the Naked palette is so much better.. Np! thanks for following back =] and thank for the tips on my side bar hehe =]

@Maryam Maquillage: thank you, your makeup skills are wayyy better than mine that's for suree!! =]

Mara said...

I love how this application is so simple but yet makes such a big impact on your eyes. How are you liking the Physican's mascara?