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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shiseido Warehouse May 2011

Picture belongs to its owner, I found this on Google search images

Picture belongs to its owner, I found this on Google search images

It's that time of the year again!! Shiseido warehouse that occurs twice a year is happening next weekend on May 14 (VIP: not sure about the time), May 15 (Public: 9AM-5PM) and May 16 (Public: 9AM-3PM). Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not 100% sure about it myself.

303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, ON, Canada
L3R 4T8

Anyways, I am excited to go this time because I couldn't make it to the one in November 2010 so I hope I can pick up some goodies this time and hope to see some of you there =]. There will be more than just Shiseido, I heart that they also carry Nars, Joico, Clinique? and much more!! Line ups will be super long but I think it is totally worth it! just make sure to have a big breakfast or lunch before you go =]. Things will be well discounted so it will save you a lot of money to attend this warehouse rather than buying then full price at a department store! I can't wait to go =]



mizzsandychau said...

helloooo thanks for subscribing to me dear!
ooo shiseido warehouse, never been to one of those before...never know when they happen too! do you need an invitation to get in or is it public?
I just went to the lisa's cosmetic warehouse yesterday=)

ThisIsAlx said...

oopsy forgot to ask.. did u pick up anything awesome at lisa's cosmetics?? did they have smashbox again? =O I couldn't make it to these recent ones =[

mizzsandychau said...

oh no didn't go too crazy this year. just got a giant bottle of body lotion, some hand lotions, escada perfume and olay cleansing cloths=) i usually go crazy but i need to save haha. i guess i'll go crazy on the december one=)
oh and yes, they do have smashbox. a lot of elizebeth arden this year!

ThisIsAlx said...

ohh cool I need to save up too ..I've been unable to go to the mall during last semester because my school course load was super hectic so instead I've been online shopping a lot!! so I'm receiving everything in the mail recently and it looks like i spend a lot! AND I really really wanna go to this shiseido warehouse =]

suki pooki said...

Wah! Im so sad that this isn't in Vancouver! We really need one here, I really need one here! Maybe there will be? I shall try googling it soon!

ThisIsAlx said...

Yea I hate how there are only warehouses in certain places.... I think their head office is in the address above that's why the warehouse happens there only... But they happen twice a year!! Maybe if you ever decide to come by Toronto then choose may or november when the usually take place but I dislike how it is only one weekend><

ThisIsAlx said...

hey suki, blogger took down my comments because it was down but oh well.. yea I think their warehouse has always been here in Ontario because they host it at their head office (the above address) maybe next time you make a trip to Ontario try making is near Markham and during may or November soo u can attend the warehouse as well...=]

Valerie Zhang said...

Thanks for commenting and subscribing. There are no warehouse sales near me ever!
About Purity cleanser, OH NO. Hearing this I actually believe you, since I'm young but I seriously see some fine lines on my face. Now I'm freaking out. I'll probably finish my new bottle and continue searching for a new makeup remover that's as convenient.

Mara said...

NO FAIR, I wish we had warehouse sales. I read somewhere that they do MAC sales too. Im so jealous. Please make a haul post when you can. :)

Haze said...

Just found your blog. I can't believe I missed this!