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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: ELF Cream Eyeliner (requested)

Fine fine fine.. I'll post something!!.. even if I'm super mad at blogger for not showing my updates on dashboard for the LONGEST time!! a month or so already? T_T.. anyone else experiencing the same problem? How can I resolve this? A fellow blogger told me that I can't fix it =[, does that mean it will always stay like this? =`[...I'm totally unmotivated to blog =[

Moreover, I have to pick out my courses for next year and it's pain in the tush! because it's my last year and I can't mess this up! I need to make sure I have the right courses and the right amount of credits so I've been slacking off a WHOLE lot......But I am pretty active on Twitter. Follow me there if you want small little updates, giveaways, freebies, awesome sales like 60% off ELF, food posts, mini hauls and quick tips and tricks on how to beautify yourself. Tweet me and I'll make sure I follow back =].

Okay, lets move on with this post. Tiffo wanted to know how I liked the  ELF Cream Eyeliner when she saw it on my ELF haul here. Yes, it was a month ago!!!, I really am lazy, no? So here we go, read the captions below each picture for the Review =]

ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black, comes with a mini angled brush which I love!
Buy it here
$3 (but never checkout without a coupon code!)

*Ignore the other swatches, focus on the black liner please =P*

One layer of swatch, went on smoothly, dried quickly and it was very pigmented
Using the brush provided, you can easily line your eyes as well as tight lining you upper lash lines
With an eye primer, this eyeliner will stay better but still smudging a little

an eye primer, this eyeliner will smudge like no other, you will end up with a raccoon eye

*Sorry about the bad photo quality, I took it with the front camera of my phone*
After 5 hours: oily eye lids, hot and humid weather
The line is already less pigmented, needs touch ups if you want a sharp and define line
However, if you want a more natural and softer look then this eyeliner would be great because throughout the day, it will get less intense
*Wearing L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black on upper lashes only*

With a primer: I used ELF's $1 eyelid primer, maybe it will stay even better if I used a better primer?
Hope you can see a small amount of smudging on the lower outer corner of my eye, not too visible but it's there.

Without a primer: Yes, I went to school with one eye primed and not the other, came home having one raccoon eye =P
You can clearly see how badly smudged this cream eyeliner is without a primer! So make sure to use a primer of any kind! Even the $1 ELF eyelid primer helped a whole lot =].

- The formula of the liner is very pigmented, and creamy therefore making the application super easy
- The brush that it came with is very soft to the touch but stiff enough to perfect a line of any thickness (maybe not a super thin line but still loveable to use it to tight line)
- Can easily do a winged eye-look
- Can easily reverse a mistake by wiping it because the staying power is not that good
- Affordable and suitable for beginners
- Would repurchase it just because it's so user friendly, inexpensive and works fine with a primer

- Does not stay long
- Easily smudged
- Cute but over packaged product
- Brush is very short and tiny, can't be easily found in my makeup bag

Has anyone else tried this cream liner before? How do you like it? Any inexpensive primer alternatives (I just ordered their mineral eyeshadow primer which I heard is a dupe to the urban decay primer potion)?

Hope my problems gets resolved quickly or else you all might not see me smile anymore =[



Jessy said...

great review~~~the only time that i wont apply primer prior to any look is when i do looks at home and no need to go outside...if i have to go outside...i'll prime my eyes...but i use alot of different primers/eyeshadow base...the best non-colour ones is Urban Decay and Too faced...the best coloured on the other is hard to say...cuz i think all the ones i bought are pretty good~~~haha i actually really like cream eyeshadows...especailly for smudgeing my lower lashline...they work better than poweder e/s~~~

and ya blogger is F-up recently...but have you any feed backs from the pple who works for blogger??? ive yet to find their trouble shoot email for complains...i hope everything works out though...


aki! said...

This looks pretty good. My eyeliner that's a lot more expensive than ELF still smudges a tad. I'll have to keep this in mind.

Cerina said...

Ooh great review! I haven't been keeping up with the ELF products for some reason.
Dudeeee my blogger does that to me too! Not as extreme as yours is though, but my posts won't display in peoples google readers until a couple days later :/ I don't know what's up with it. :((

Haze said...

Great review as usual :) I've only use the Maybelline cream liner before and not any others. It is like $8, have you use it? I would like to know how it compares bc this one is only $3. The only place I have ever seen Elf products are in Winners.

Lisa said...

whoa that's so cool!! i'm going to have to get eyelid primer.. i've never ever used primer before but i CONSTANTLY have my eyeliner smudging the bottem of my lashes especially since i'm in texas now and it's crazy hot.. it always melt on my face haha.

yiqin; said...

nice review :D

Dilan Dilir said...

ice makeup!

mimi said...

eek!! I was so interested in buying this elf eyeliner during the recent 60% off sale! but then I just bought my wet n wild black eyeliner so I was like nawwww~ haha good thing I didn't buy the elf one! >< I have SUPERRRRRRRR oily lids and when I line my eyes with like a kohl liner... omg.. it turns into like an eyeshadow because the line creases onto the upper portion of my eyelid and it's just bad... same with the under eye too, it creases like no other T__T but yeahhh.. I haven't tried my wet n wild eyeliner yet but I will soon! (: I've heard good reviews on it~ Hopefully I won't be looking like a raccoon or have black eyeshadow instead of a black line x___x

Thank you so much for the review! (:

Marina said...

Thank you for the review.. I like it, but we can't buy this brand here :(

TaYgAn said...

Fricken blogger hey!! I would email them, I don't know if they email back but it's worth a shot..or tweet them! I feel like so many companies actually reply on twitter.. Like loose button did today to us :)

This looks really great for beginners or cheap ppl aka me! I will have to order one and give it a shot!

Mimi said...

i've never tried this before, but since the pros outweighed the cons, i think it's worth a try. :)

<3, Mimi

Liberty Walk Sara said...

like it! :)

If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

Melsusu said...

Hmmm... I've been telling myself to get some ELF products for a while now but I already have so many gel liners that I haven't put a dent into so IDK. But my buxom lash liner definitely smudges and gives me some grief without primer where my Mac fluidline has always been my soul mate. Thanks for the review though. I'll definitely continue to debate on whether or not to purchase it whenever I get to finally getting some ELF products

Pop Champagne said...

nice review, I've been a fan of ELF stuff for a while, well, I really like their eyeliners, but I find their eye primer crease on me :( haha I never wear eye primer to work, so I guess by the end of the day I always have raccoon eyes!

Venus In Virgo said...

looks pretty!
If your interested use code my special code VENUS on Lulu's.com website for 15% off. XOXO
It's good for Canada too

Jantje said...

I'm glad you're honest about this product! I am looking also for a good gelliner but non does last long!! :(

Dilan Dilir said...

love using eyeliner and I use one from maxfactor.. :)

Anna said...

OK, primers are a must. I never used a powder liner before (though I must say it looks fantastic) but now I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for the review!

suki pooki said...

o0o0o0o0 nice review! These gel and cream liners have me curious! But since I don't wear liners anymore I also don't purchase them either hahaha imagine if I did, my bf would think Im crazy! I honestly think the idea of hanging bags off a hook hanger is brilliant! I should've thought about that!

I totally know what you mean about being born in a different place! I'd love to have my child grow up in another country too, I told my bf this and he practically rolled his eyes lol

EEep! I want the white iphone so badly, I might not even wait for the new iphone 4! Have you fixed your computer problem yet? Perhaps the problem won't occur if you use internet explorer, even if it is a bit slower tham chrome/firefox.

phey s said...

I alternate Bobbi Brown with Maybelline gel liner. I find maybelline a lil creamier though and I prefer to have it topped off by a translucent powder than a black shadow on a humid day. On the other note, where are you getting your ELF stuff in Canada, hun? IDK anywhere else in my area other than Winners wc doesn't have a plenty of options. x www.pheysalonga.blogspot.com

psychedelicme said...

great review! I was looking for a review on this product and i stumbled upon your page. I didn't bought this product tho, I got the one from Fanny Serrano but I love to try this one too..

new follower here! <3 hope you could follow me too! :)


Nat said...

OMG hun you are a TROOPER! You tested this while going to school? Oh man I don't think I could ever do that haha.

MakeupxSparkles said...

hm yeah thats true i think u should give it to ur sister !

Sannie said...

thanks for this review. I just followed your blog. Hope you can follow me as well. :)

lisa said...

i had this eyeliner before my previous one. it dried out so quickly! but i guess it was an okay eyeliner for the price. my first perceptions of the eyeliner was that it was amazing.. but over time it just became pretty average! x