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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Haul/First Impression: Hong Kong/MACAU

My friend went to Hong Kong and my Mister went to Macau (they went seperately and on different times) but they both came back with handful of gifts and souvenirs ^^, I asked them to buy some of the things shown below because it cost soo much more if I were to buy it here in Canada.... boooo and yes I paid them back with my own money!

My dear friend got me a set of contact lens case and a black iPhone4 hard case, THANK YOU and I asked her to her me get a set of BB cream samples and 2 silicone facial cleanser pads and a tool to make a donut bun in my hair (shown below, the tool was already in my hair =P I just couldn't wait to try it out!)

Mini BB Creams, wanted to try bb cream for the longest time but didn't want to buy a full size nor buy the samples here in Canada because we get ripped off!

In this kit: Diamond Collection Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm 5g
VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA++ 5g
Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SPF 25 PA++ 5g
The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ 5g

These are in the same order as the BB creams
These BB creams has a very different consistency to it
1st is very watery, 4th is a little bit thicker than 1st, 2nd and 3rd are very similar ti each other and are very thick in consistency 

1st one is very shimmery in real life, I hate it, don't think I will ever use it but still good for highlight in photography but not something I would use for an everyday look
4th is the only one with the closest shade to my skin tone but still too light and peachy =S
Still have to try 2nd and 3rd on my entire face, no comment on it  just yet but I don't think I will like it either because I hate having face makeup that doesn't match my natural skin tone or the rest of my body! : @ and these two looks too light and grey on the swatch

Blended out
Don't know the name to this thingy =P

Basically a sponge with a wire inside

I suggest you all search through YouTube to find how to make this donut bun hairstyle, I'm sure there's plenty out there. It's just too hard for me to explain and show it to you when I don't have a 3rd hand to take the pictures while I'm doing my hair, Sorry =]

But I'll try a brief description below:
I tied up my hair in a ponytail
Slide my hair through the middle slit of the hair tool
Stop a midway
clamp the slit close
Start rolling the tool upward while collecting the hair
When everything reached the scrunchie, bend the tool downward to make a circle
Then move the hair around to cover the hair tool, pin it with bobby pins to secure it

Side view and yes, I'm wearing a top; tube top to be exact. 


NEXT: This is what my Mister got me form Macau/HK, his sister also got me a lot of giftsss/souvenirs =D

Guerlain Meteorites powder and blush, another BB cream sample kit, NoirBlanc eyeshadow, Coach keychain and our Sony HX9V =]

  • Guerlain Meteorites Blush and Powder Kit from Mister's sister =]
    Super cute packagingBoth powder and blush is extremely shimmery/glittery
    Only swatched, haven't tried on face yet
    Blush not pigmented, just gives off a light and subtle pink
    Brushes are pretty soft and fluffy but I would use my own brushes instead

  • Can you see the light pink near the bottom?
  • Powder swatched near the top, around the knuckle
  • Shimmers are more visible in real life then in these pictures

Top: BB cream kit in black packaging
Bottom: BB cream kit in pink packaging (shown above)
-Only the third tube differs from each other

The black kit came with the BB Diamond Collection: The Prestige Beblish Balm instead of
The Oriental BB cream

This is something else my Mister's sister got me =]
NoirBlanc: S103 Deeply In Love

Sorry the colours are supper washed out, refer to the next picture for right colours

Looks pretty in the pan =]

...but not in swatches
.Super shimmery. No colour payoff. Lots of fall outs.

She also got me this, super pretty and shiny =] quiet heavy as well so I will only use it as a hand bag chain? instead of a key chain =]

Mister got me this because he know my old camera is breaking on me and he does not like DSLRs so he got me this which I love a lot more than DSLR because it's smaller, cheaper and has great functions!
-16x zoom
-24mm wide angle lens
-Full HD movie
and a lot more of goodies refer to the youtube video below for all the goodness... I bet you can't do all this with a DSLR WITHOUT buying all the different expensive lenses and without getting tired from carrying all the heavy weight!

Watch this for more info of the best camera out there! =]



G A B Y said...

You got a new camera! I need one too but like you, I don't want a DSLR because of all the annoying stuff it comes with like lens and all!

breakingrumours said...

thats alot of bb creams to try! hehe :) your bf;s sister is such a nice person to get you all those stuff ^^

suki pooki said...

Omg Look at all your goodies! This makes me sooo excited for my trip to HK this January!!! Can't wait! Your bf is so sweet he picked up a new camera for you! How do you like it so far? Im saving up for my new camera but it's so expensive it's hard to put money aside for it >< OMG I love gurelain stuff but I rarely buy because they're sooo pricey! How do you like their blushes? I've only used their pressed meteorites before and it's awesome!!!!

The bbcreams look great too, it's awesome that you were able to get these sample ones so you can try so many out at the same time! Omg that bun tool works! Is it hard to do?

Melsusu said...

OMG I want that bun tool. It looks so handy and easy! These are such fun goodies and yay for a new camera! I'm looking for one now since I have procrastinated long enough with my camera phone. Sigh. xD

TaYgAn said...

Wow great stuff!!! I've always wanted to try bb cream! And yay for a new camera! That's awesome :) mine is pretty crappy =\ but there are so many new ones out there I don't know what to get. the bun is really cute! =D

Cerina said...

I need to try BB cream!it's a good thing that you just got a sampler 4 pack so you can try the different ones :) I've always wanted to buy from HK because everything is so cheap there, but I am scared to buy online cause I always think I'm gonna get scammed or something lol. So I will just purchase when I go down there someday :D that coach keychain is sooo pretty! And yay your blog showed up on my dashboard!

Victoria said...

Not a mister that will only bring me to cheesecake...... <3

Eileen said...

Wowwww you got so much good stuff! I've always wanted Guerlain Meteorites.. hoping to get them during Sephora's friends and family sale this year! Do you have a favorite BB cream? I've only tried the Missha one but it was really gray and weird on me :(