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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thisisalx 2.0

Hey girls!!

I can't stand how my old blog is messed up so I decided to imported my entire blog to another portal for a fresh start:

It's basically the same thing just that the blog is functional now and not one that is messed up=]

The name to my new blog is Thisisalx 2.0: http://thisisalx20.blogspot.com which was derived from my old blog Thisisalx: http://thisisalx.blogspot.com

I would love it if you can all follow me here instead? =] Sorry for all the inconvenience but blogger was making me mad@@@@!! So I spent hours fixing and importing my new blog for you guys =]s2 it looks almost identical eh? =]


Like I said on my last post on my old blog that I have finally reached 100+ followers there so I will be doing a giveaway soon (end of month or beginning of September when I finish all my examssssss!) I still have to decide where I will post it and how it should all go down but definitely follow here because this is where I will continue to share my experience and thoughts with you all! Thank you all for supporting me this long, hope to see you all here =] : http://thisisalx20.blogspot.com



Cerina said...

Yay I'm glad you figured out a way to resolve the problem even if that means making a twin blog haha :)

Alma said...

aw sorry to hear you're having problems with blogger ! super lame!!